Spiritual Psychotherapy & Energy Psychology

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Have you encountered a spiritual awakening, find spirituality is a central piece of how you identify yourself or experience your world, or perhaps you find yourself seeking more?  Perhaps you’re on a soul searching journey. Consciousness may be something you really identify with, too.  You may also find you want to connect more deeply with your soul or feel God and/or the Universe has big plans for you, but you are not quite sure what those are yet.

You also may be going through what’s called a Dark Night of the Soul, which often follows an event that feels like it turns your world upside down.  This may be something such as a break-up, an illness, a job loss, or significant financial loss, as examples.

This often feels like you’re experiencing depression, anxiety, or emptiness, but you find you feel this very deeply, essentially on a soul level. You may also feel confused about who you are – as though you’ve lost a sense of who you were, who you thought you were, or life as you once knew it, but don’t know who you’re becoming or what’s ahead, either.

It’s more of a spiritual experience where you feel you are forced to let go of what was, even grieving this, which is needed to help you become more aligned with your soul or authentic self. This period can feel very overwhelming and confusing and so it’s important to work through what’s coming up for you with someone who understands this from both a spiritual and psychological stance.

If spirituality is something that’s important to you, or any of the above resonates, then Spiritual Psychotherapy to be your next step!

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Energy Psychology also goes hand in hand with Spiritual Psychotherapy.  So, my question is: have you found talk therapy has helped to an extent, but, you still have feelings of fear, trauma, sadness, or anxiety that surface when certain memories or situations arise for you?  You may have a belief that stuck emotions result in di-sease or repeating patterns that don’t serve you.

In this work, I bridge together psychology, science, spirituality, and energy work.  The science behind energy psychology is fascinating!

Specifically with energy psychology, you may be familiar with “tapping” or the emotional freedom technique.  It’s an evidence-based treatment which is also referred to as “acupressure for the emotions”.  It’s been proven to provide quicker results than in talk therapy as you are neutralizing emotions associated with an event or memory.  The “fight or flight” mode with the sympathetic nervous system is no longer activated in these instances so you can finally experience relief.  This is one example of energy psychology that we can use in our sessions.

Energy psychology also includes things such as breathwork, guided meditation, inner child work, and inner parts-work.

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