Finding Meaning in Life

Have you ever felt like you were living life by just going through the motions?    Perhaps you’ve found yourself going through the same routine, day in and day out, not feeling inspired or as though you are living your life purpose?  If so, you are not alone.  This is something many, many people encounter.   The key question is how do you pull yourself out of this and move towards living the life you want for yourself?

First, take a look at what’s happening from a deeper perspective.  Yes, this means self-exploration by looking at the core issue and the emotions beneath your stagnation.  For example, are you unhappy at work because you feel you have plateaued in your growth and are bored, or perhaps you feel a lack of control with the demands asked of you?  Are you unhappy in your relationship because you feel your partner has prioritized other things and you feel neglected or uncared for?  Are you unhappy with yourself because you’re a people pleaser and are angry or tired of putting others needs and wants ahead of your own?  The list can go on.

Once you are able to identify the core issue, ask yourself if it’s something you can change.  Using the above examples, can you identify anything that gives you pleasure at work or do you have the ability to delegate or set boundaries with the pressures?  Can you talk with your partner and share what you are needing from him or her?  Can you start saying “no” to others and putting yourself first?  And after you experiment with these changes, do you still feel the same?

If you are still needing more from life, think more about what topics you love to talk about.  For example, is it the arts, sports, fixing things, fashion, etc?   Whatever it may be, this is your passion.  How can you incorporate your passions into your daily life?  Anyone who knows me will tell you my passion is to talk about relationships and research that has been done on working with couples.  For myself, reading books and articles about couples work, attending seminars, providing couples counseling, or even sharing information about relationships strategies and research with people that I know helps me to incorporate that passion into my life.   In my example, it can be a career move, simply talking with others about my passion, or taking my own time to attend workshops or reading about my passion.  Each one of these things helps to give my passion more meaning in my life.

Life is short, so make sure you are living the life you want to be living.  You have more control than you may think.  If you feel you’ve lost the meaning in any of the areas in your life, re-evaluate what is happening for you on a core level, identify whether you can do anything to change it, and think about how you can bring more meaning into your life by incorporating the things you are passionate about. I’ll leave you with a quote by Pablo Picasso:  “The meaning of life is to find your gift.  The purpose of life is to give it away.”

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